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Substance Abuse Awareness

Through this class, teens learn how alcohol and other drugs affect the body, the mind, and relationships. Teens learn about addiction while being guided through the process of evaluating the role of substances in their lives. They also explore, health alternatives to using mind-altering substances.

Anger Management

This course is designed for teens to explore anger and the role it plays in their lives. participants learn to identify what triggers their anger, and what consequences result for the way they deal with their anger.  They also learn the importance of communication and conflict-resolution skills.  They are assisted in discovering positive ways to express their emotions in developing healthy coping mechanisms.

Anti-theft/shoplifting Course

This course is specifically for youth who are caught stealing or shoplifting.  The program focuses on the effects of shoplifting and theft on both the individual and the community.  Teens are encouraged to explore their own motivations for stealing while they learn the risks that are involved with theft.  Participants develop their own person strategies for avoiding stealing or shoplifting in the future.

Parenting Support

Parenting support services are intended to assist parents in developing effective methods for raising and supporting children and teens. These services can range from a formal class to individualized consultations. The content focuses on challenges parents face and methods they can use to encourage and nurture their children and teens, as well as manage the challenges that may arise along the way.

Social Media Safety


Community Service

This program provides teens with volunteer opportunities in their communities. Community service is often required in lieu of court appearances or fines. We also assist students in finding placements to complete community service requirements for organizations such as the National Honor Society, school health classes, and college applications. Hours can be arranged to fit the participants’ schedules, including weekends and vacations.

Tobacco Education

In this course, evaluate their tobacco use; examine the health, financial, and social risks of smoking and using “chew;” and explore the media’s role in the tobacco market. The objectives are to assist

teens in self-evaluation, and to give them the tools to make positive decisions around tobacco use.


Teens who are required to make payments for property damage are referred for this service. a payment plan is established, an done the total sum is collected, the money is then forwarded to the victim. The victims  are notified of the progress ahead of time and are encouraged to call the agency with any questions.  The program objectives are to increase personal responsibility for the offenders, and to empower the victims.